Just Flowers

Welcome to the Flowers Gallery!  What is your favorite flower?…roses, daisies, begonias, lilacs, something more exotic? Perhaps your favorite color is red, or yellow, deep purple or orange or any shade imaginable! Are big blooms or small, dainty petals your preference?  Does a flower bring to mind a special memory ?  A yellow rose is a wedding memory or the image of lilacs bring about happy childhood memories playing in a local park or the sight of a peony spurs a picture of a grandma’s welcoming home. We believe there is a flower for everyone.

The images in this gallery represent what we see blooming around us .  The images come from places we have visited nearby, from our neighborhood, and from our own backyard. Mary’s favorites are begonias and Siberian irises. Randy’s favorites are the ones of which he just took photos.

Click on any image to view a larger slideshow.