Our mission is to offer a reasonably priced product that can be used to add beauty to your environment. We hope the following information will be helpful.


                                               Thank you for considering purchasing one or more of our images.

All images in the various Galleries are always available according to the standardized prices and sizes below for print copies. The rectangle/square sizes listed are the most common print sizes done, however, some images can be customizable to different sizes. If you are interested, please ask. 

            Also, because certain prints are used in the Gallery Showings, you may see a size and price that is different from this list below. That is because it was used in the show and given a special price for that showing. If those pictures are still available, you can purchase for the show price. Check through the GALLERY SHOWING tabs to see the different offerings, size, and prices of those particular images and contact us to see if they are still available for sale.


15", 16" or 17" square$60
12", 13" or 14" square$50
10" or 11" square$40
8" or 9" square$30
7" or less square$20


17" x 22" rectangle$65
13" x 19" rectangle$50
14" x 17" rectangle$45
12" x 14" rectangle$40
11" x 14" rectangle$35
8" x 10" rectangle$25
5" x 7" rectangle$15
4" x 6" rectangle$10

We also offer our clients an additional service:


  • A custom cut mat can be created for your print to fit into a frame that you supply. We do not sell frames. Additional cost is $10.00 for square mats 12″ or smaller and rectangle mats 12″x14″ or smaller.  $15.00 will be the additional cost for mats 13″ square or larger and rectangle mats 14″x17″ or larger


17" x 22" print$65
Foam Board$5

*for example, the frame has a back opening that measures 20 x 25″.  The mat is cut with those outside measurements and with an opening in the mat that measures 17 x 22″ which is called the “print area”. The print would be shown in its entirety with 3″ of mat on each side. The print is then ready to be dropped into the frame and secured.